Private Label

Most of our products are sold under the private labels of the world’s biggest store chains

Our company's experience, professionalism and high product quality, which meets the high standards and requirements of customers, has made it possible to work with the world's largest brands in the canned fish segment. KARAVELA's new product development department offers product development independently or in cooperation with the customer, in accordance with the customer's exact specification, always finding the best solutions to achieve their wishes and requirements.

Private label production

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    The product of your choice

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    The packaging of your choice

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    Recipes of your choice

Available packagings

  • Club can125g
  • Dingley can110g
  • Hansa can170g - 200g
  • Pluk can125g
  • Transparent lid can120g, 160g, 200g, 240g
  • Round can120g, 160g, 200g, 240g
  • Club can in thermal film1 / 3 / 4 / 6 x 125 g
  • Pluk can in thermal film1 / 3 / 4 / 6 x 125 g
  • HoReCa can730g, 860g, 2,65kg, 4,2kg

We have 12 production lines for canned fish and 4 lines for fish preserves

  • Raw materialsSelection of quality raw materials, list of approved suppliers, planning of regular deliveries. Spacious dry warehouses and cold rooms next to production facilities
  • ProductionTechnical and technological support, professional production staff, laboratories and quality monitoring
  • Storage of finished productsSpacious cold storage rooms and a separate canned storage warehouse, FIFO method for product movement, a wide range of finished product design options
  • TransportationTransport organised by both the client and SIA KARAVELA, and transportation options in containers without pallets, palletising, frozen, refrigerated transportation, etc.

Research and Development Division

In our research and development department, we develop both our own and customer-demanded new product ideas. Based on more in-depth research, directed towards further development, a creative approach is taken for the development of recipes, searching for innovative solutions for production technologies, and optimising to achieve a competitive product price.

  • Close cooperation with other structural units of the company in the process of developing new products

  • Strong supplier support, offering new raw materials and packaging solutions in line with the latest market trends

  • Thinking about innovation and new technologies

  • Ability to adapt to the customer’s needs and ideas by integrating them into existing technologies or introducing new production technologies and lines