Quality standards

Only the highest quality standards

For us, quality standards are not only the units and indicators that characterise the safety and security of a product, but they are also the company's internal standards that create the added value of the product. On the packaging of our products, we mark these values with special emblems, the meaning of which is explained below.

Our certificates

Markings on products

  • SUSTAINABILITY AND SUSTAINABLE FISHINGWhen choosing a supplier, we carefully evaluate and pay close attention to the acquisition of raw materials - whether such meets the requirements of our customers and consumers
  • FILLETING BY HANDIn production, fish fillets are filleted by hand, which allows the fish to be processed more gently, preserving its natural structure, fat and moisture levels, nutritional value and minerals
  • TOP QUALITYThis label on the packaging guarantees the highest level of raw materials and they are the highest quality products that you will be able to find on the market among our competitors
  • Packed by handOur customers appreciate handicraft and its added value to the product. Perfectly arranged sprats, neatly packed fillets, are the result of careful handwork of our employees
  • Naturally smokedWe can say that only an experienced Latvian manufacturer with historically accumulated knowledge and experience can provide such a high quality and taste of natural smoke
  • Recipe mastersWe are proud of our original recipes and technologies that have taken canned and preserved fish products to another level

Laboratory and quality system

Our laboratory allows to operatively and qualitatively monitor, control and analyze the production process. To determine the safety and security of products in accordance with the internal self-control system, set customer requirements and certification standards. We also cooperate with such internationally recognized external laboratories as BIOR, J.S. HAMILTON BALTIC, Terviseamet, IBEN GmbH, etc. to define even more in-depth product performance.

  • Quality standards (HACCP) are integrated into the company's structure and policies, which enable it to react quickly and take the necessary actions.
  • Internal laboratory with the ability to test product safety, analyze microbiology, physical and chemical parameters.
  • Extensive export market list, with various requirements, high quality standards (IFS, BRC, MSC, ASC, supermarket chain requirements), which are integrated into the company's internal quality guidelines.