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From April 12 to April 16, the second online exhibition SEE ALL by KARAVELA 2021 is online! During this event there are meetings with KARAVELA customers and very interestin online free webinars.

Webinars topics: 


13.04. , 15:00

Refresh of Canned Wild Salmon Market. Updated!

Speaker: Andris Bite, CEO of KARAVELA

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14.04., 15:00

Product marking trends & Innovative Vegan Tuno products 

Speaker: Andris Bite, CEO of KARAVELA

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15.04., 15:00 

The pelagic industry in Scotland and the science behind the scenes

Speakers: Robert Duthie, Managing Director of Dehnolm Seafoods Ltd

                  Nicola Hope, Sales Executive of Denholm Seafoods Ltd

 Speakers: Ian Gatt, CEO of Scottish Pelagic Fisherman Association

                  Dr.Steve Mackinson, Chief Scientific Officer, Scottish Pelagic Fisherman Association

The north atlantic pelagic advocacy group (NAPA) - A pre-competitive collaboration established to improve the management of NE Atlantic pelagics

Speaker: Dr Tom Pickerell - NAPA Project Lead

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