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About project No.29. (identification number is for the works performed in the period from 01.08.2019 to 15.12.2019

Development of a new group of canned fish products from Atlantic mackerel (Scomber scombrus) fillets

 For the Norwegian market:

  1. The Norwegian market is analyzed, different possible product types, recipes, existing, similar are studied alternative products already on the market (variety of sauce, type of packaging, etc.).Organoleptic and laboratory analysis of existing mackerel product finished product samples was performed.
  2. Analyzes of the composition of the existing mackerel raw material used in production for different types of raw material (fat content, protein, water, etc.)
  3. Laboratory attempts to create a mass of raw materials usable for further food production. The consistency of the raw material and its suitability to recycle it with our existing equipment has been analyzed.
  4. Production experiments are performed using the company's fish blanching, homogenization and dosing equipment, as well as sauce production equipment using sauce materials.
  5. They visited the exhibition "Food ingridients" in Paris, which helped to find the new spices used in the production of these types of products.

During this period, it has been concluded that it is possible to produce a similar product from the raw material we currently use, which already exists on the Norwegian market. The taste properties of the obtained products were close to the required indicators, but the consistency of the products and the variation of the dosed weight do not correspond to the possibility to produce it on an industrial scale.

It is concluded that the existing equipment is not technically able to ensure even dosing to the required consistency.
The sauce preparation equipment is suitable for the set goals and is able to provide the required quality and industrial capacity.

At a later stage, discussions are held with fish processing partners about other dosing equipment that could ensure the required consistency, suitability and further experimentation.